This is certainly one subject that, at first blush, seems to be very straight-forward. That was until I read about the types and rules of punctuation on the website, Education First. This is the quintessential website for the explanation of punctuation marks for the English language.

Punctuation picks up the ball of expression when one’s mouth goes quiet and one’s hands begins to get busy. The written word would lack quite a bit of context, expression, and meaning were it not for punctuation. It is an interesting code that I personally feel could expand quite a bit to represent the wide range of human communications, but this is what we have.

Do not be surprised, as a tutor, to watch your student avoid, literally, the period at the end of a sentence. Such a maneuver goes quite nicely with their neglect to capitalize the first word of a sentence. At times, I think that it’s just not that important to work them over the coals of punctuation, however, Marquis de Reese sees all things of the English language as good and necessary if one is to manipulate American living to its fullest advantage. At the least, good punctuation on a resume or job application can only help and never hinder.

Below, are the lessons from Education First regarding Punctuation. Enjoy, and check out the rest of their site.


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Types & Rules