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This website is a collection of lessons and exercises in the English language. It is designed for ESL tutors who are looking for resource materials for their lesson plans; primarily to the Hispanic community. The lessons and exercises are both original in nature and, to a greater degree, borrowed materials – all properly credited – from the numerous, professional ESL websites available on the internet. Such lessons and exercises as these are to stimulate the tutor to link over to these sites for further information and resource materials. Links to these sites are provide on the pages where they have credited material.

The layout of this website is clean and simple in design, and is meant for both experienced viewers and navigators of the internet, as well as those whose skills are rudimentary. This Home Page has two links to a menu that lists all of the available subjects of study of the English language: The “SUBJECT” icon in the upper-left corner and the adjacent menu bar that spans the width of the webpage at the top. Clicking on either link reveals a slide-out menu from the left. To close the menu, simply click on the “X” next to the “SUBJECT” title. Clicking on any subject will take one to either another main-topic page with its own slide-out menu, or a simple, subject matter page which has a return-link to the Home Page in the upper-left corner.

On a subject page, one will find a brief introduction followed by available downloads beneath. One can click on either the lesson-exercise image or the text title in order to affect a download. All documents are standard letter size – 8.5” x 11” – and can be easily printed on any standard printer.

We hope you find this site of some value. We also hope you might find purpose in suggesting to us additional subjects for study in the English language, as well as additional and specific lessons and exercises.

Our contact information is located in the footer at the bottom of this webpage. Enjoy!