While all of us have to deal with the metaphysical anomaly referred to as “time” – not only in one’s continued attempt to slow it down or even stop it, but then to have to rationalize it when “time” is clearly more abstract and spiritual than real and intellectual – luckily, we tutors only have to tutor our students in translating their own concept and realities of time into English terminology.

This just gets down to telling the time. One might inquire as to what we are telling time (this is an English idiom), but what I am referring to is tutoring one’s student(s) in the practice of either a twelve-hour or twenty four-hour standard. Most of the work has already been done over in “Numbers” tutoring. There’s always the pesky colon between the 3, and the double zero (3:00), and then there’s the contraction “o’clock”. Anyone knows what this is a contraction of? (Hint)

Eslflashcards.com, a wonderful ESL website, has Time Flash Cards, as well as cards on many other subjects. I’ve attached the Time cards below and sized them for printing on an 8 ½” x 11”, letter-size paper. If you use heavy weight paper, you’ll achieve some durability for repeated use. Just download, print, and cut.

As to the issue of “Date”, again, the “Numbers” tutoring gets you most of the way there, and thankfully, most of the world uses a similar structure in establishing date recognition. Where you have to jump in, as tutor, is the translation of their native words into English words: the days of the week, the months, years, seasons; morning, noon, afternoon, night, evening, etc. Straight-forward stuff in the end; just repetitive work.

Oh, by the way… here’s where the subject of capitalization comes into things. Other cultures have different viewpoints on what gets capitalized when discussing days and such. Pay attention.


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Tell the Time
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